Advanced SEO Techniques Every Melbourne Business Should Use

SEO is one of those things that business owners do not have a choice about. If you want to do well, you will need to make sure that your site is optimized. The problem many people face is understanding that SEO is about more than using solid keywords and adding a sitemap. Here are 3 techniques your company needs to use if the goal is to catapult to success.

1. Create Optimized Landing Pages

While a well-made homepage is generally enough to garner a fair amount of interest, landing pages are equally important. This is when you have the opportunity to speak to the customer directly and let them know how you can be of service to them. Instead of tossing up a random page, you should make sure that these rules are followed:

– Add at least 2000 words of content on your landing page. This will show search engines like Google that you are valuable and in turn, they will rank you highly.

– Work on your link building. Not only should this be an integral part of your website’s SEO strategy, but it needs to be important when creating a landing page. Linking building is advanced and can only be handled by highly trained people such as the Melbourne SEO Experts at Eagle Genius. Please contact them here if you need more links.

– ALWAYS focus on a professional design. If that is not your forte, hire someone to take care of this for you. Even if you have the best content in the world, a poorly designed page can be harmful to you.

There are other elements that make up a well-optimized page, but this is a great start. Use this advice if you want to see an increase in your conversion rate.

2. Create A Responsive Site

Four out of every five people who shop online do it from a mobile device. As a result, you should focus on creating a site that caters to these consumers. On that same token, you still have to appeal to those who use laptops and PCs.

The best way to tackle this issue is to create a responsive site. This means that your site will look just as good regardless of the size of the screen you are viewing it from. The better your site looks to visitors, the apter they will be to stick around and make a purchase.

3. Use Infographics To Your Advantage

In the past couple of years, the popularity of infographics has grown tremendously. This is because many people process information better when it is visual as opposed to that which is presented in written form. Look for a trending topic in your niche and create an infographic filled with great visual elements and useful information. Add these to directories and you will notice a dramatic upswing in the number of daily visitors to your site.

As you should already know, great keywords are essential and content will always be the king of great SEO. With that being said, take the three advanced techniques here and use them to strengthen your SEO strategy and skyrocket your way to success.